PineBridge Equities: Early Recognition of Extraordinary Businesses

Our emphasis is on finding those rare companies that can generate consistent returns in any environment – before others recognize their worth.

We offer an array of global, regional, and country-specific equity strategies that leverage the insights of our on-the-ground teams in developed and emerging markets around the world. We concentrate on alpha-rich areas of the markets, where our active investment approach allows us to build portfolios with a high degree of focus and conviction. Our investment philosophy and time-tested process are applied consistently across all strategies using our lifecycle categorization framework.

PineBridge Equity Investment Strategies

Today, PineBridge Investments manages US$23.7 billion* in assets across a range of fundamental and quantitative equity strategies that are well positioned to meet the needs of today’s investors.

* As of 30 June 2020

Why Investors Should Embrace Active Management Now

Stock markets are becoming more fundamentally driven. Learn why active management will be key for investors. Anik Sen, PineBridge Global Head of Equities, explains.