Working at PineBridge

A nimble, open and collaborative global team is at the heart of our firm’s culture and underpins everything we do. We invite you to learn more about opportunities to join our team.

Our Mission

Our mission is to exceed clients’ expectations on every level, every day.

What We Value

Our Clients
We forge deep relationships with our clients, working closely to help them solve their challenges and offering unparalleled access to the insights, expertise, and advice of any team member.
Investment Excellence
We believe that investment excellence means more than just returns. It means employing an active approach, building portfolios with a high level of conviction, accounting for risk, and exceeding our clients' goals.
We openly share our research and debate our ideas, collaborating as easily with team members across the globe as we do with those across the room.

We are experts in our disciplines, markets and regions—and are each empowered to make decisions and accountable for results.
We honor our heritage and our roots, while we forge our own path toward a future of unlimited potential.

Diversity & Inclusion

Cultivating a diverse and inclusive corporate culture is a core part of delivering superior service to clients and maintaining our competitiveness in the industry. We actively seek to attract, develop, and retain diverse talent and also embrace the natural cultural diversity among our global employee base, integrating their viewpoints into our day-to-day business interactions. Additionally, we are committed to engaging our communities with initiatives that advance opportunities for a diverse range of future workforce participants.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in giving back to the communities in which we live and work. Each year, our teams come together to contribute to a wide range of worthy causes. From racing up buildings to stuffing backpacks, making dumplings or hosting fundraisers and charity events in the office, we are proud of the empathy and generosity that are a testament to our special corporate culture.

Young Minds Partnership
PineBridge Corporate Social Responsibility
YMCA Stair Climb
Los Angeles
PineBridge Corporate Social Responsibility
NYC Office Charity Art Sale
New York
PineBridge Corporate Social Responsibility
Pride Month: Jeans For Charity Drive

Employee Spotlight

Adrien Grynbalt

Adrien Grynblat,
Americas Business Development,
Santiago, Chile

What do you do?
I am responsible for business development and client service in Latin America.

Where are you from? Tell us something about your hometown.
I am from France, was born in Lille in the north. Still, my adoptive city would be Paris where I spent 10 years, studying and working.

What do you like about working at PineBridge?
I feel like an entrepreneur, owning my destiny and having a lot of latitude to implement a strategy to develop the business in one of the fastest growing regions of the world.

Nicola Traynor

Nicola Traynor,
Application Support,
Dublin, Ireland

What do you do?
I work in Technology providing application support and implementing projects that help to improve the firm’s operations and efficiency.

Where are you from? Tell us something about your home town.
I am from Dublin, Ireland - a small city with so much charm and history.

What do you like about working at PineBridge?
I love interacting with different PineBridge offices around the world. Our Dublin office is small, but you feel like you are part of a big global team when you work so closely with colleagues in different countries.