Multi-Asset Credit: How a Dynamic Strategy Can Provide Return – and Safety – in Uncertain Times

China A-Shares: Opening Doors to New Alpha Possibilities

China’s domestically listed A-share companies are increasingly becoming an important part of global portfolios. Complex and dynamic, the market requires investors to know which companies will benefit from extraordinary tailwinds (pivotal demographic shifts, technological advancements, economic rebalancing) as well as how to ride out potentially disruptive risks (trade wars, market volatility, credit overhang). Local know-how and selectivity are indispensable.

China A-Shares: Perspectives from the Inside Out

International investors will find vastly different structural and behavioral paradigms at work in China than most other markets.

China’s Economic Transformation: The Emergence of a New Frontier
An exciting new era is unfolding in China, creating fresh new avenues of growth for China’s economy. Here we explore a “new” China emerging alongside the “old.”

Alpha Strategies for Investing in China

We believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach to investing in China A-shares. We offer fundamental and quantitative strategies, informed by our onshore team of experts, to suit different investor objectives.


Capture alpha opportunities from market inefficiencies through research-driven, bottom-up stock selection

Alpha in A-Shares: Isolating Unique Opportunities with Bottom-Up Fundamentals
Amid fast-paced disruption and change, fundamental stock picking remains as relevant as ever in unlocking opportunities in China.

Strategy Spotlight:
PineBridge China A-Share Fundamental Strategy

Alpha through bottom-up stock selection.


Generate active returns using a risk-controlled quantitative stock selection model with fundamental inputs

White Paper
Alpha in A-Shares: Compelling Opportunities Uncovered With a Systematic Approach
A systematic approach can offer a powerful way to optimize return, risk, and cost.

Strategy Spotlight:
PineBridge Onshore China A-Shares Strategy

Our alpha strategy is tailored for China’s unique market and managed with onshore investment professionals.

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1 World Federation of Exchanges data for the combined domestic market capitalization of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges, as of 31 October 2019