India Equity: Unlocking Catalysts of Long-term Outperformance

India continues to power on as the world’s fastest-growing major economy. Rapid urbanization, structural reforms, and infrastructure development anchor its long-term prospects.

Yet in this complex and dynamic market, a deep understanding of the businesses of listed companies and their unique return drivers is key to finding hidden value and buffering risk.

Investment Opportunity

High-Growth Opportunities in a Complex Market
High-Growth Opportunities in a Complex Market
India’s highly idiosyncratic market requires patience and vigilance. That’s why our approach carefully selects companies that can navigate their way through market cycles.

Economic Trends to Watch

India’s Economy Should Remain a Global Hotspot
In spite of sharp external headwinds in 2018, India’s economic growth story remains intact. This year, we expect the external environment to improve and expansionary fiscal policies to underpin both consumption and investment growth.