Our Commitment to a Culture of Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that cultivating a diverse and inclusive corporate culture is central to delivering superior service to clients and maintaining our competitiveness in the industry. Our approach serves to attract, develop, and advance the most talented individuals regardless of their race, gender, culture, nationality, geographic origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, or any other dimension of diversity. Our belief is that each person brings unique strengths to PineBridge and each person shares responsibility for helping to ensure that we have an inclusive and welcoming culture.

As a global, multi-cultural organization with employees in 21 locations around the world, we have a unique opportunity to maximize the diversity of our talent, celebrate and leverage their differences and perspectives, and integrate their viewpoints in our day-to-day interactions.

“Fluent communication and collaboration among our global employee base is an important part of our corporate culture and we have both formal and informal mechanisms in place to encourage this connectivity and inclusion.”

Greg Ehret, CEO
Greg Ehret - PineBridge Investments

We offer competitive compensation, benefits, family leave, assistance programs and flexible work arrangements to ensure that employees have the support they need for the work that they do. Through individual training and development, employees have the opportunity to advance their careers within the organization. Indeed, the average tenure of officer-level employees exceeds 10 years with the firm.1

“Our commitment is evident in our results: in our most recent survey of employees,2 88% indicated they find their work meaningful and additive to firm goals, which focus on delivering the best outcomes for our clients.”
Jennifer Motz, Global Head of Human Resources
Jennifer Motz - PineBridge Investments

Finally, our commitment to diversity and inclusion extends to our communities, where we engage with initiatives that advance opportunities for a diverse range of future workforce participants.

1 Data as of June 30, 2019.
2 Employee Survey Results 2018