PineBridge Overview

PineBridge Investments (“PineBridge”) is a global asset manager with experience in emerging and developed markets, and investment capabilities in multi-asset, fixed income, equities and alternatives. Our firm is differentiated by the integration of on-the-ground investment teams of more than 210 professionals, providing investors with the combined benefits of global fundamental perspectives and analytical insights. We manage US$82.5 billion as of 31 March 2016 for a global client base that includes institutions, insurance companies, and intermediaries.

PineBridge Investments Assets Under Management (AUM) by region
PineBridge Investments Assets Under Management (AUM)

Data as of 31 March 2016. Due to rounding, totals are approximate. Alternatives AUM total includes additional strategies.
1Multi-Asset includes US$5.2 billion allocated to external managers and US$8.2 billion allocated to other PineBridge strategies.

PineBridge is majority-owned by a subsidiary of Pacific Century Group (PCG), an Asia-based private investment group.  PineBridge employees have a meaningful share in the success of PineBridge through equity ownership and other rights to profits of the business.