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Investment Outlook 2014
World Views from the Ground: Dislocations & Opportunities


Investment Outlook 2014


As a global asset manager with investments and investment professionals across the globe, we are uniquely interested and informed on the world’s economies and capital markets and we use that knowledge to help drive our investments.

In our Investment Outlook 2014, we present bold views from our Chief Economist and our experts in asset allocation, equities, fixed income and private markets.

We briefly review developments from the past year and then focus our attention on 2014, exploring factors such as potential policy developments, investor sentiment and risks


 Global Economics: Politics is Always Local
 Asset Allocation:
Sustainable Expansions Lead to Sustainable Markets
 Global Credit and Fixed Income:
Have we Reached the Inflection Point in the Fixed Income Journey?
 Equities: Overall Strength, Pockets of Opportunity
 Private Markets: An Interesting Age Creates Dislocation

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