PineBridge Alternatives: A Focus on Select Private Market Opportunities

Private equity and debt investments have become increasingly important portfolio allocations, as investors seek new sources of alpha and yield. But all private investments are not created equally. For nearly two decades, PineBridge has focused on offering our clients access to market areas where we believe unrecognized growth potential exists.

We focus our experience and expertise on identifying the investments we believe provide the best mix of risk and return characteristics for our clients. We offer private equity and private capital opportunities through commingled funds and separately managed accounts.

Middle Market Fund Capabilities
Private Funds Capabilities
The PineBridge Private Funds Group focuses on building commingled multi-manager and custom portfolios with investment capabilities unconstrained by transaction size, region, or strategy.

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Middle Market Private Capital Capabilities
Private Capital Capabilities
Our PineBridge Private Capital team has deep experience providing capital solutions directly to middle market companies and sponsors.

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