2024 Midyear Investment Outlook

The Upside of Uncertainty

Embracing uncertainty and the market dislocations it may cause can open up new alpha opportunities for active investors.

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Our Award-Winning Culture

As a firm committed to empowering our people and fostering a collaborative and inclusive culture, we are honored to be named one of the Best Places to Work in Money Management by Pensions & Investments for the fourth consecutive year.

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Who We Are

PineBridge combines the structure and reach of a global investment manager with the client-focused culture of a private company.

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A Heritage of Active, High-Conviction Investing

We use an active approach across our platform, building portfolios with a high level of conviction while carefully managing risk.

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Delivering Results Across the Investment Spectrum

We offer a suite of actively managed strategies, each focused on investing in exceptional opportunities before fundamentals and valuations converge.

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A Collaborative Spirit

We empower our experts in each discipline, market, and region of the world to act on their insights and encourage active sharing and debate of ideas between team members across the globe.

Our Capabilities

Certain asset classes and market segments are less efficient than others, creating particularly fertile ground for active management. We operate in those segments where we believe our high conviction approach can add the most value — helping clients achieve outcomes that go beyond traditional market benchmarks, seeking higher returns, and actively managing risk. Clients can opt to invest through separately managed accounts, mutual funds, and other pooled vehicles.



Our multi-asset strategies seek total returns by dynamically adjusting to global market conditions, whether risk on or risk-off.

Fixed Income

We actively navigate every shift in cycles and markets to uncover credit opportunities to help clients protect their investments and generate excess returns.


Our emphasis is on finding those rare companies that can generate consistent returns in any environment - before others recognize their worth.


We capitalize on middle-market opportunities where we believe unrecognized growth potential resides.

Corporate Responsibility

At PineBridge, we add value by nurturing our globally inclusive workplace, engaging with the communities in which we work, and seeking to invest in companies that are committed to building financial success while mitigating risk through the improvement of their practices.

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