How We Invest

We seek to deliver equity strategies with high active share and alpha delivered through stock selection through:

  • Our Lifecycle Categorization Research process, a time-tested investment process that allows us to capture investment opportunities across the full market spectrum
  • Collaboration of our investment teams through a combination of regional knowledge and global industry expertise, driving non-consensus views
  • A robust risk architecture with clear objectives, tools, and management
PineBridge Equities Investment Process
Homogenous categorization of stocks that behave similarly in the market results in a consistent research framework

What is Lifecycle Categorization Research

Anik Sen, Global Head of Equities, explains PineBridge’s proprietary research framework.

Lifecycle Categorization Research in Action

Anik Sen, Global Head of Equities, takes us through two examples of how his team uses Lifecycle Categorization Research to evaluate a company as it moves through its lifecycle.