PineBridge Fixed Income Overview

With low growth and low inflation on the horizon across the globe, we expect a prolonged low rate environment for fixed income investors. Within this environment we anticipate bouts of volatility in fixed income markets, as central banks begin the process of normalizing interest rates. As a result, investors will need to position their portfolios to adjust to rising rates. We believe our global team of fixed income professionals are well-equipped to help clients navigate change and uncertainty, as we have managed portfolios across the spectrum through all economic cycles.

Our team manages US$50.7 billion* in fixed income assets. With a well-defined, proven process and stable, experienced investment team, we seek to provide fixed income solutions that address the current market challenges that are unique to each economic cycle.

PineBridge's Integrated Approach to Credit Selection

In this video, Dana Burns, Investment Grade Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, explores PineBridge’s differentiated approach to credit portfolio management.

The PineBridge US Senior Secured Loan Strategy Wins Key Industry Awards
PineBridge Investments wins Institutional Investor U.S. Investment Manager Award (2016)</strong><br /> within the Floating-Rate Bank Loan Fixed Income category

Institutional Investor U.S. Investment Manager Award (2016)
within the Floating-Rate Bank Loan Fixed Income category1

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PineBridge Investments wins Camradata Asset View Award (2016) USD Bank Loans

Camradata Asset View Award (2016)
USD Loans2

Award results do not necessarily reflect the views of any one client of PineBridge Investments. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Institutional Investor 2016 U.S. Investment Management award methodology: a short-list of top performing managers were identified by Institutional Investor's editorial and research teams in consultation with eVestment’s research team. Analysis factors included 1-, 3- and 5-year performance, Sharpe ratio, information ratio, standard deviation and upside market capture, the same factors used by institutional investors in their own manager searches. More than 1000 leading U.S. pension plans, foundations, endowments and other institutional investors are surveyed and asked to vote for up to three of the top performing managers in each strategy in which they invested during the past year.

2016 Camradata Asset View Award, based their in-house proprietary model, Camrdata IQ, for USD Loans, PineBridge Total Return Aggregate. Source: Copyright 2016 by Camradata. The Camradata Independent Quantitative (IQ) scores is a ranking reflecting five statistical factors (excess return, information ratio, wins-losses, hit rate and downward strength) measured over a three year period.

*As of 31 December 2017