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Investment Strategy Insights: Reflation Watch: Land Ahoy?
2 February 2017
We may be witnessing primarily US releveraging and reflation, and then a long wait before they spread elsewhere.
post-crisis recovery, private sector deleveraging
Capital Market Line: Rising 'Animal Spirits' Usher in a New Regime
17 January 2017
With balance sheets improved and regulatory risks falling, the forces that influence business confidence are now strengthening. A sustainable upturn in business investment shouldn’t be far behind.
Multi-Asset Investing: Position for Growth in the New Year (and the New Regime)
17 January 2017
A global growth bounce is now in full swing, with the world’s two largest growth engines – the US and China – in acceleration mode.
investment strategy insights, multi-asset investing
Investment Strategy Insights: Making America a Great Place to do Business Again
4 January 2017
For traders, markets may be a little ahead of themselves. But for intermediate-term investors, Trump’s policies are likely to have a more positive effect than what is currently priced in.
Investment Strategy Insights, Multi-Asset Investing, Trump and Markets
Investment Strategy Insights: Trump and Markets: The Known and the Unknown
6 December 2016
Markets are pricing in a big net plus to a Donald Trump presidency. Is that reasonable?
PineBridge Investments 2017 Outlook Multi-Asset
Multi-Asset: Fasten Your Seat Belts, It’s Going to Be a Bumpy Regime Change
28 November 2016
The year ahead will bring secular turning points. Michael J. Kelly, CFA, Global Head of Multi-Asset, explores potential beneficiaries as the world pivots, including commodities producers and countries with accelerating and domestically sourced growth.
Preparing for a Low-Return World: Insights From Our Latest Capital Market Line
25 October 2016
Our Capital Market Line continues to highlight pockets of attractive yield, but with the need for greater selectivity among individual asset classes. Learn where the most attractive – and unattractive – opportunities are in the market, and why the team’s highest convictions reside in emerging markets.
Investment Strategy Insights: A Better Prognosis
25 October 2016
We are seeing positive inflection points that we think bode well for 2017.
Capital Market Line: The End of Deleveraging Begins
18 October 2016
Austerity and deleveraging are gradually ending. Learn why the low-return world ahead will require more alpha from selecting beta to meet return hurdles.
US President, impact on markets
Investment Strategy Insights: What the Next US President Can and Can't Do for Markets
29 September 2016
The biggest effect of the US election on markets will likely be a fiscal thrust from either candidate.