How We Invest

We believe a culture that supports and encourages differences in opinion drives better investment outcomes. Nowhere is PineBridge’s culture of collaboration more evident than in our investment process, which integrates top-down views and bottom-up insights from PineBridge’s network of asset class investment professionals on the ground, around the world to offer a comprehensive and diversified asset allocation solution to our clients.

Our process is founded on the belief that fundamentals ultimately drive markets over the intermediate term which we define as 9-18 months, and our portfolios are constructed with the goal of creating an optimal blend of assets over this time frame, which we believe is ideal for prices to converge with fundamentals. These intermediate perspectives are anchored by our propriety five-year asset class forecasting model, the Capital Market Line, through which we seek to identify attractively valued asset classes on a forward-looking basis.

Multi-asset investment process: our dynamic approach adjusts based on the unique opportunities of each market cycle

PineBridge Multi-Asset Investment Process

Quarterly Process

Our Capital Market Line identifies attractively valued asset classes based on fundamentals over the next five years.

Monthly Process

We debate the path of fundamentals to identify which attractively valued assets may have improving fundamentals over the intermediate-term (9-18 months).

Daily Monitoring

We use our intermediate-term risk positioning and asset class convictions to build portfolios and select underlying strategies.