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We believe that cultivating a diverse and inclusive corporate culture is central to delivering superior service to clients and maintaining our competitiveness in the industry. Our approach serves to attract, develop, and advance the most talented individuals regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, nationality, geographic origin, religion, culture, or any other dimension of diversity. Our belief is that each person brings unique strengths to PineBridge and each person shares responsibility for helping to ensure an inclusive and welcoming culture of equity.

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Our Award-Winning Culture

As a firm committed to empowering our people and fostering a collaborative and inclusive culture, we are honoured to have been recognised by Citywire’s inaugural 2020 Gender Diversity Awards:

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The Advantage of a Culturally Fluent Organization

As a global, multi-cultural organization with employees around the world, we are uniquely positioned to maximize the diversity of our talent, celebrate and leverage their varying perspectives, and integrate their viewpoints in our day-to-day interactions. Fluent communication and collaboration among the members of our global employee base is a defining element of our corporate culture, and we have both formal and informal mechanisms in place to encourage this connectivity and inclusion.

Proud of Our Diverse Leadership

Proud of Our Diverse Leadership

PineBridge is proud to have a diverse, global team of exceptional leaders across functions at the firm. Their varied professional experiences have laid strong foundations for their leading roles at PineBridge and enhance their contributions to our industry and their communities.

    I became an accidental banker after I applied for a trainee banker program advertised in the local newspaper. Singapore was a well-established financial hub, and the role allowed me to learn a new skill set. The rest, as they say, is history. After close to 20 years in banking, I moved into asset management. My advice for young people entering the business: as you advance in your career, take time and effort to invest in your personal career planning. Be clear about your goals and aspirations. At appraisals and feedback sessions with managers, come prepared to speak about your achievements. Look for informal mentors and sponsors at your workplace. Leadership is a journey that starts with many small steps and never stops evolving.”

      I find myself truly connected with the most interesting yet rewarding challenge: consistent delivery of alpha. I have served in a variety of roles (from origination of securities to M&A, corporate restructuring, and quantitative research) across market players (government entities, banks, private funds, insurance, and now an asset manager) and asset classes (commodities, equities, bonds, loans, real estate, private equity, hedge funds/CTAs, etc.). I’m drawn to the idea of seeking value sustainably and finding that perfect combination of drivers that define a specific market and yield for the best possible financial outcome for the customer.”

        I began my career in Latin American emerging markets, building a value-at-risk model. I loved statistical modeling and the ability to work internationally, which led me to pursue both an MBA and a master’s in international business. Working in finance provides exposure to various cultures and languages, allows you to constantly learn about new products, and rewards real-time decision-making with measurable results. What I enjoy about my work is the ability to assess market conditions, connect information, and implement strategic investment decisions. This has turned into a pursuit that suits my personality and skill set well. Simply, a dream job. When you love what you do, you do a better job. Produce enough high-quality work, and you’ll be evaluated on your merits.”

          It’s important to remember the purpose of striving for diversity and equality. If we lose sight of why equality matters and why we should strive for it, progress may not be sustained over the long-term. As someone who is accountable for a wide array of business functions, I’ve seen firsthand how a diverse team brings value and a more comprehensive approach to our business.

          Reminding each other of the value that diversity and equality brings will help us be better equipped to nurture progress towards a sustainable model. I believe the goal of an effective journey towards diversity and equality should be to make significant changes and go beyond the surface, with purpose.”

            Many have inspired me to be in this industry. Early in my career, I was fortunate to work with extremely bright people in an asset management house that was one of the earliest investors in Asia. Every member of the diverse team had a unique strength. One was a Dutch numeric spreadsheet task master, another British colleague had a photographic memory, and yet another was a feisty female Japanese portfolio manager who was very knowledgeable on Japan and mesmerized us with her momentum charts. Thus began my foundation in stock analysis – quenching my thirst for learning from these highly intellectual investment people who stimulated each other with their diversity of thought, ideas, and experience.”

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            Investing in a Diverse Future Workforce

            Our commitment to diversity and inclusion extends to our communities, where we engage with initiatives that advance opportunities for a diverse range of future workforce participants.

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            Futures and Options

            New York

            Ongoing partnership with nonprofit Futures and Options to provide paid mentored internships to minority, low-income New York City high school students.

            The Brokerage


            Partnership with social mobility nonprofit The Brokerage to provide work experience through internships to young people from inner-city schools.

            Hong Kong

            Hong Kong

            Ongoing supporter of the Hong Kong government’s talent training internship program; an intercity initiative to provide undergraduate students exposure to career opportunities in the finance industry

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            Working at PineBridge

            We offer competitive compensation and a wide range of benefits, enhanced parental and family leave, and flexible work arrangements, and we ensure that employees have the support they need for the work they do. Through training and development opportunities, employees have the chance to advance their careers within the organization. And we engage our employees through community involvement, extracurricular sports teams, regular speaker and wellness events, and social activities. The average tenure of officer-level employees is approximately 10 years with the firm as of 31 March 2021.1

            1Reflects senior vice president and managing director level employees.