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We actively invest with a bottom-up understanding of the high-grade fixed income universe.

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A variety of market forces can cause prices to become disconnected from fundamentals, which creates opportunities in our markets. Our goal is to exploit these tactically to benefit our clients through our disciplined, time-tested investment process.

Central to our strategies is our approach to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues within the countries and sectors in which we invest. Our integration of these factors begins at the portfolio level and is aligned with our risk evaluation processes and the sources of return we seek, with an understanding of the risks that are embedded in particular exposures to issuers or macro themes.

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We offer stand-alone and packaged solutions across the investment grade spectrum.

  • Core and Core Plus
  • Inflation-Protected
  • Securitized Products
  • US Government & Agencies
  • Global Credit
  • Japan Credit
  • European Credit

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Our Approach to ESG

We integrate ESG factors into the analysis and management of every portfolio, at both the fundamental credit research level as well as the top-down, portfolio aggregate level.

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ESG Considerations Are Integrated Throughout Our Investment Process

Our Investment Process
Our Investment Process
Issuer Level Analysis
  • Formal value-based screening
Client Partnership
  • Ensure specific ESG requirements are met
  • Client reporting
  • ESG solutions through active engagement approach
Portfolio Level Analysis
  • Portfolio risk diversification
  • Portfolio performance
Industry Leadership
  • Signatory, Principles for Responsible Investing
  • Member, SASB Standards Advisory Group
  • Expert group, UN Inter-Agency Task Force

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For illustrative purposes only. We are not soliciting or recommending any action based on this material.

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Through our proprietary framework of Key Risk Indicators (KRIs), we focus on the most financially material ESG risks relative to peer groups and changing dynamics within each sector.

This allows for a more comprehensive, quantifiable investment analysis, including:

An enhanced ability to position portfolios with the greatest risk/reward upside potential

An assessment of the opportunity cost of not participating in longer-term sector trends by focusing on forward-looking data

An analysis of both the direct and indirect ESG exposures to capture hidden, or less direct, risks with a financially material impact

The identification of potentially attractive issuers that are embracing better ESG disclosure

The discovery of cross-sector commonalities to enhance our assessment of broader value chains

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Investment Team

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