Lessons from 2004: Don't Shy Away From Fixed Income

February 2017

Following a year of strong performance for fixed income and given the expectation of tighter US monetary policy, conventional wisdom suggests that bond markets are poised for a correction in 2017. But lessons from 2004 that point to the contrary.

We recommend investors not shy away from maintaining duration in fixed income portfolios and take advantage of what we think will be another year of outperformance for US dollar credit markets.

As Mark Twain may (or may not) have said, “History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes.”

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Webinar: Will Fixed Income Prevail in 2017?
We see echoes of 2004 in today’s environment of rate hikes and economic reform. Access our webinar to hear what we expect for fixed income markets in 2017. Requires BrightTALK registration