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We believe that a multi-asset credit approach can broaden exposure to a much wider universe of opportunities, expanding potential, while seeking our objective of generating income and yield.

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We offer opportunistic and unconstrained strategies which tap into opportunities across the fixed income landscape.

  • Strategic Bond
  • Dynamic Fixed Income
  • Opportunistic Credit

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How a Multi-Asset Credit Approach Can Outperform Traditional Fixed-Income Portfolios

Fixed income spectrum returns are nonlinear and more volatile than most people would expect. Broadening the exposure to a much wider universe of credit instruments can give portfolios more potential for outperformance.

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Managing the Risks Inherent in Multi-Asset Credit Strategies

As with any investment strategy, there are risks to consider with MAC. Essential to managing risk is the manager’s strategic view of where we are in the economic and credit cycle to position for drawdown periods.

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CLOs can provide diversification and low correlation with other sectors, as well as other benefits. Portfolio manager Laila Kollmorgen, explains.

CLOs: What Do They Contribute to a Multi-Asset Credit Strategy

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Fixed Income Solutions

Developed Markets Investment Grade

Core portfolio exposure across the developed markets

Leveraged Finance

Credit exposure to high yield bonds, bank loans, and collateralized loan obligations (CLOs)

Emerging Markets

Opportunities across markets with unique opportunities and risks


Stand alone or packaged solutions offer less correlated exposure