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We actively navigate every shift in cycles and markets to uncover credit opportunities, seeking to generate alpha and helping clients protect their investments.

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How? Through fundamental analysis of securities, companies, and industries followed by active security selection geared to generate excess returns. We identify and value risk on a consistent basis, using that information to manage risk in our portfolios.

Our collaboration – both across and within asset classes – is the element that we believe sets us apart from our industry peers.

We offer a broad and diverse mix of products across the fixed income spectrum

Our consistent approach – focused on fundamentals, valuations, and technicals (FVT) – guides security selection around the globe

Collaboration, both across and within asset classes, positions our teams to drive results for client portfolios


We provide fixed income strategies that seek to address market challenges unique to each economic and credit cycle.

Developed Markets Investment Grade

Core portfolio exposure across the developed markets

Leveraged Finance

Credit exposure to high yield, bank loans, and collateralized loan obligations (CLOs)

Emerging Markets

Exposure across markets with unique opportunities and risks


Stand-alone or packaged solutions offer less correlated exposure

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Integrated Portfolio Management

Our differentiated approach starts with integrated portfolio management, which emphasizes the constant interaction between portfolio managers, analysts, and traders throughout the investment process. Each functional role brings a unique perspective to credit selection decisions.

We believe that integrated portfolio management is key to our investment success. Our robust communication infrastructure allows our teams around the globe to regularly engage in meaningful debate, arriving at decisions that are geared toward adding value to our clients’ portfolios.

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For illustrative purposes only. We are not soliciting or recommending any action based on this material.

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We assess the nuances of each sector of the market across three pillars: Fundamentals, Valuations, and Technicals (FVT) to evaluate risk and opportunities, and shape our security selection from a relative value perspective.


We focus on balance sheet strength, financial policies, and fundamental industry trends


We assess credit quality at the sector level based on comparisons across market cycles


We consider factors including spreads, trade structure, and the impact of liquidity

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