A Market-Leading Presence in China: The Huatai-PineBridge
Joint Venture

Combining the power of global reach with onshore expertise

Among the first movers in quant investing in China is Huatai-PineBridge, a joint venture of PineBridge and Huatai Securities. As the largest active quant fund manager in China, the highly experienced onshore Huatai-PineBridge team has decades of experience and manages several quantitative China funds using a systematic model underpinned by fundamental signals.

About Huatai-PineBridge

Established in 2004, Huatai-PineBridge is a joint venture between major stakeholders Huatai Securities Company and PineBridge Investments, with a minority stake by Suzhou New District High-Tech Industrial Company Limited. Headquartered in Shanghai, the company has branch offices in Beijing and Shenzhen and manages approximately US$17 billion1 of assets.

About Huatai-PineBridge

Huatai-PineBridge has over US$2.8 billion in active mutual fund assets under management.1 In addition, Huatai-PineBridge manages a successful onshore ETF business, which includes the country’s first CSI 300 ETF with T+0 settlement – currently one of the largest and most liquid CSI 300 ETFs in the world.2

What Investments Huatai-PineBridge Manage

Huatai-PineBridge Leadership

At the helm of the Huatai-PineBridge joint venture is Yong Han, General Manager, who oversees the strategic direction and daily operations of the firm.

Yong Han - Huatai-PineBridge

Yong Han
Chief Executive Officer

26 years of experience in the investment management and securities industry.

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About Our Joint Venture Partner – Huatai Securities

Huatai Securities Company Limited is a leading integrated securities group in China, with a substantial customer base, a leading e-Platform and a highly collaborative full-service business model.

Huatai Securities was established in May 1991. With over two decades of operating history, Huatai Securities achieved rapid growth by successfully capitalizing on the transformation and innovation opportunities of China's capital market and securities industry. The firm’s major financial indicators and business indicators are amongst the forefront of the domestic securities industry.

Huatai-PineBridge is regulated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) and operates within China. Outside China, Huatai-PineBridge’s China A-Shares Quantitative Strategy is made available by PineBridge Investments through its partnership with Huatai-PineBridge. For further details about Huatai-PineBridge or the Strategy, please contact your local representative at PineBridge Investments.

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