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We recognize that environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues may create both opportunities and risks for our clients’ portfolios. At PineBridge, we seek to address these factors through our investment process to gain a better understanding of their potential impact on current asset values and future performance. We have been doing this throughout our decades of experience managing equity, fixed income, multi-asset, and alternative investment portfolios.

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Our Philosophy

By integrating ESG factors into our investment process, we believe we are able to better fulfill our mission of partnering with clients to achieve their specific investment objectives.

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Business models that improve upon their sustainability create value not only for society, but for investors in those businesses.


As active managers, we advocate for, and strive to hasten, change in the select companies we invest in. We take an analytical approach that considers how companies are seeking to improve upon ESG issues.


Our approach considers ESG factors from both an investment return and risk mitigation perspective over the medium to long term.

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Policy and Principles

PineBridge is a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), which provides a framework for reporting and assessing ESG factors. We view the PRI as an additional tool to help us pursue our primary objective as an asset manager: to improve and preserve the financial interests of our clients across our global investment platform by optimizing economic returns for a given level of risk.

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From Pledge to Progress

From the pandemic to social inequities to climate emergencies, new challenges have brought greater urgency to the need for change.

Our inaugural Corporate Responsibility Report outlines our key initiatives in 2021, which focused on deepening our involvement beyond the allocation of capital. This effort involved raising the bar for the changes we want to see in the companies in which we invest, working with the global investment industry to meet universal climate and social goals, and improving our internal resiliency by investing further in our people.

Access our Corporate Responsibility Report
Corporate Responsibility Report

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Advancing the ESG Conversation

As active investors, we believe in the value of industry partnerships and remain committed to advancing industry-wide education and action surrounding environmental, social, and governance issues.

Thought Leadership and Case Studies

We explore timely and relevant research topics and regularly author articles on a variety of ESG issues impacting the industry and our portfolios across equities, fixed income, and alternative asset classes.

Industry Presence

We actively participate in global industry discussions through working groups as well as formal and informal partnerships to help further the ESG conversation.

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