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As active managers, we are able to advocate for, and hasten, change in the select companies we invest in on behalf of our clients. We take an analytical approach that considers how companies are seeking to improve upon ESG issues. Our approach seeks to generate meaningful results for our clients – both in investment returns and risk mitigation – over the medium to long term.

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As active owners, we incorporate ESG considerations into our ownership policies and practices and emphasize direct dialogue with companies on governance issues that have a material impact on sustainable performance and create long-term value for clients. 

We do this through thousands of direct engagements with company management teams around the world each year, reviewing governance quality and business sustainability in every interaction, and by exercising our right to vote shareholder proxies in the best interests of our clients.

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Proxy Voting

PineBridge has established proxy voting policies and procedures and engages a proxy agent to support us in executing proxy voting in accordance with our guidelines. Our objectives are to ensure that proxies are voted in the best interest of our clients, that our voting procedures are clearly outlined, and that clients may obtain information on how PineBridge has voted their proxies.

We decide how to cast proxy votes on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration our policies and procedures, obligations under management agreements and fund offering documents, and other relevant considerations.

We perform an annual review of our proxy voting guidelines to ensure that we are continuing to serve the best interests of our clients. These assessments are ongoing and evolve in step with changes in the solutions available, the regulatory framework, and consumer and business behavior, and the companies’ business strategies and solutions will also evolve over time.