Focused on Active, High-Conviction Investing

Certain asset classes and market segments are less efficient than others, creating particularly fertile ground for active management. We operate in those segments where we believe our high conviction approach can add the most value — helping clients achieve outcomes that go beyond traditional market benchmarks, seeking higher returns, and actively managing risk. Clients can opt to invest through separately managed accounts, mutual funds, and other pooled vehicles.

PineBridge Multi-Asset Capabilities


Total Return Opportunities Across 80+ Asset Classes
Our multi-asset strategies seek total returns by dynamically adjusting to global market conditions, whether risk on or risk-off.
  • Dynamic Asset Allocation
  • Balanced & Lifestyle Funds
  • Strategic Partnerships

PineBridge Fixed Income Capabilities

Fixed Income

Yield That is Ahead of the Curve
We actively navigate every shift in cycles and markets to uncover credit opportunities to help clients protect their investments and generate excess returns.
  • Developed Markets Investment Grade
  • Emerging Markets Debt
  • Leverage Finance
  • Multi-Sector

PineBridge Equities Capabilities


Early Recognition of Extraordinary Businesses
Our emphasis is on finding those rare companies that can generate consistent returns in any environment - before others recognize their worth.
Fundamental and Quantitative
  • Global, Regional, Country-Specific
  • Developed & Emerging Markets
  • Strategic Alpha

PineBridge Alternatives Capabilities


A Focus on Select Private Market Opportunities
We capitalize on middle-market opportunities where we believe unrecognized growth potential resides.
  • Private Capital
  • Primary & Secondary Private Funds

Uncovering Opportunities & Risks

We maintain continuous coverage of the markets, with a network of investment professionals on the ground around the world. This allows us to uncover time-sensitive intelligence and investment ideas. We speak the language, understand cultural nuances, and have relationships with key people – all critical in staying ahead of opportunities.

But, what truly separates us from our peers in the industry is the deep culture of collaboration across our investment teams. They openly share insights and market knowledge and debate ideas in both informal and formal settings, with a network of established monthly investment forums bringing teams together across disciplines, markets and regions of the world. The benefits of our tight network are evident in our investment decisions and our ability to deliver results for clients.

PineBridge Investments

As of 30 June 2020.1 Investment professionals include portfolio managers, research analysts, traders, portfolio strategists and product specialists, and are subject to change. 2 Includes investment professionals at the senior vice president and managing director level.